Monday, August 08, 2011

no more

hello hello :)

okay , our tittle today is

that is because my exam is just around the corner :)
so , beberapa minit sebelum ni tgh edit blog ni hah !
suddenly , mak masuk bilik .. mak tanye 

myra ! what are you doing???

i pon replay :p
haha *reply :)

nothing ! just edit my blog and listen to the music :)

suddenly , her smile dissapear :O

myra ! why you dont look at your book ? your exam just coming soon right ? everytime i go upstairs to check on you , you always sitting in front of your laptop or playing with your phone ! do you want i take back all that ? from now on , dont open your laptop and phone .. dont use always ! STUDY !

i dont know what to say :3
hahaha see ? like that lah how my mom scold me :)
hahaha so .. there is

so , no more facebooking , myspace , yahoo and my blog :'(
haha sokay ! i want to do better in my next exam :)

btw , i've got nothing to say so ..


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